Pub Pulse is a new way to give more weight to the voice of the public. We share the analysis and insight of confident citizens, which is now largely absent from the mainstream media, and we present it in an engaging and entertaining way.

We’ve been having the national conversation in the public bar for a couple of hundred years now.  The public bar is unique for its candour, colour, equality and humour. In the pub we argue, debate, disagree, mock and laugh. All in a robust fashion with lots of goodwill. And, being Australian, we don’t take ourselves or anyone else too seriously.

From carefully selected pubs across the country we draught what real people think about the issues and events of the day, and dive into ideas the media isn’t covering.

We are a video magazine in style and track discussion across four main themes: politics, people, society and sport.

Pub Pulse is anti-spin, a home-brewed antidote to the dumbed-down media, opinion polls, political sound bites and the so-called ‘commentariat.’ Instead, Pub Pulse relies on and celebrates the proven wisdom of confident citizens.

It is an initiative that aims to give the thinking public a better, stronger voice across local, national and global developments. We hope you like it and join in. It must be your shout.