Public Pulse Research can provide both qualitative and quantitative insights to satisfy your research interests.

Our use of candid video interviews – in pubs, public places and with recruited participants – replaces the tired and often distorted views that focus groups produce.
Moreover, the use of video in our reporting brings insights and perspectives to life like no other reporting technique. So if you need to engage or impress your executive, peers or clients this technique will not fail you.
 If you need hard numbers, we have a proven background in custom building quantitative tools, including advanced perception modelling, where we also combine depth interviews as part of the research process.
If you’ve ever had doubts about the value of focus groups, or if you just need to bring your analysis or strategy to life perhaps it is time to try an approach that is in keeping with modern audience and media trends.

The research clips shown here were one part of a content driven awareness strategy, implemented on behalf of the Workplace Gender Equality Agency, to increase the take-up of flexible work practices by men.

Can women have it all?

Perspectives on men’s work and women’s work.